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We have everything you need to know about online Blu-ray rental in the UK. Renting Blu-rays online is by far the cheapest way to watch the latest movies in HD on your Blu-ray player.

Learn – Find out how online Blu-ray rental works and how you can watch the latest films on Blu-ray by renting them through the post

Compare – Read our independent reviews of the UK's best Blu-ray rental providers and use our price comparison search to find the best value Blu-ray rental price plan for your household

Sign Up – Find the best free trial offers and exclusive promotional codes for Blu-ray rental free trial deals

How to Rent Blu-rays Online?

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1. Choose

Browse selection of thousands of Blu-ray rentals online.

2. Receive

Your Blu-ray discs are sent to you by 1st class post.

3. Watch

Enjoy your films in full HD. Keep them as long as you like.

4. Swap

Return discs by free post and get more movies sent soon.

Why Rent Blu-rays by Post?

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Renting Blu-ray films by post is by far the cheapest way to watch the latest releases in high definition on your Blu-ray player. New Blu-ray films are typically priced at around £15 when they are released, making it quite costly for avid film watchers to keep up to date. For example, you can rent three Blu-rays a week for around £13 per month - a huge saving compared to buying every Blu-ray disc.

Here are the main advantages to Blu-ray rentals:

  1. Choice – Lovefilm and Blockbuster each stock around 10,000 Blu-ray movies
  2. Price – Pay just a fraction of the cost of buying every film
  3. Free Trial – Try Blu-ray rental services for up to five weeks for free

Where to Rent Blu-rays Online?

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Online Blu Ray Rental Providers

Previously, in 2011, there were four companies which operated blu-ray rental services in the UK. Unfortunately the competition has recently decreased drastically and essentially Lovefilm now has a monopoly on the Blu-ray rental by post market. Tesco Blu-ray Rental service and easy Cinema have merged with Lovefilm and Blockbuster filed for bankrupcy for the second time in December 2013.

Having said that, Lovefilm always had the largest collection of Blu-ray movies, good customer service, reasonable price structure, and fast disc dispatch time. Plus they are still offering the very popular 30 day free trial option for new customers.

  1. LOVEFiLM - The UK's largest Blu-ray rental site with over 70,000 titles - 30 Day Free Trial

Blu-ray Rental Website Reviews


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LOVEFiLM is one of the most popular film rental provider in the UK and is currently europe's largest movie rental and streaming company with operations in six countries. They stock over 70,000 titles which are available to rent by post, in DVD or Blu-ray format, or watch online on your computer, internet TV or stream directly through your PS3.

LOVEFiLM have just about every film every released as well as a growing number of PS3, Xbox and Wii games.

For more info visit:

Blockbuster Online

Blockbuster were one of the biggest players in the online film rental market and operated one of the UK's largest blu-ray rental services. As of November 2013, they are no longer accepting new customers.

For more info visit:

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